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I was first exposed to computers when I was in primary school. The class was sent (in shifts) to the school library where they’d built the brand new “computer lab”. There, we were set to work answering simple math questions on a Commodore Pet. It was a small lab and there were a lot of students so we didn’t get a lot of screen time. Nonetheless, it must have made an impression as now I make my living trying to make computers bend to my will. Occasionally I succeed.

I spend my days working in Delphi, a thoroughly well-designed Windows IDE that evolved out of Borland’s Turbo Pascal. I mostly work on integrated vertical market accounting and payroll (US and Canadian) software.

My friend Tim and I started an evenings-and-weekends company called Without Software. The name comes from the company’s philosophy that “software” is what people hate about computers. “Software” requires configuration, training and support. It doesn’t make your life easier. It gets in the way. Our aim is to make the tools you forget you’re using. We craft our tools in Objective-C (for iPhones and iPads) and Ruby on Rails for web-based applications.